Am 07.10.2011 11:18, schrieb Vincent Pelletier:
> Le vendredi 7 octobre 2011 10:15:34, Andreas Gabriel a écrit :
>> self._update() in the while loop is called (calls indirectly the memcache
>> "query" method, a synonym for "get") before the "cas" method is called.
> In my understanding from "pydoc memcache", there is "get", which loads, and 
> "gets" which loads and supposedly does some magic needed by "cas".
> Maybe on any "cas"-supporting memcache implementation "get" just does that 
> magic too.

You are right. There is a bug in my code, because it depends on 
which does not support 'cas' :(. I didn't remember that the code was not tested.

However, is your implementation thread safe? Maybe I am blind ;). That was
the reason  I used lovely.memcached as memcached connector. Each thread has its 
connection and namespace to store keys. Therefore, the locks from one or more
zeo-clients with multiple threads ẃere distinguishable.

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