Hi Ricardo,

> Hi all,
> However, I'm not being able to find - in that tutorial or elsewhere -
> information that explains how can I set up one Plone / ZODB database
> for each web site when using RelStorage, in a similar way to having
> one "Data.fs" per web site when using FileStorage:

In essence, it is exactly the same - just that everywhere that you would
normally use a <filestorage> section in your zope.conf you instead use a
<relstorage> section. When using RelStorage with Oracle, for example, each
<relstorage> section uses a different username/schema and commit-lock-id.
I can't comment on MySQL but I imagine it would be largely the same.

It really is that straightforward,

Hope this helps,

Darryl Dixon
Winterhouse Consulting Ltd

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