Hi all,

I believe this is my First Post in the ZODB-Dev Mailing List, so Hello
everyone!  :)

I have read the following (great) Plone Knowledge Base (KB) article
about "Scaling Out Plone With RelStorage and Replicated MySQL",
authored by Shane Hathaway

Scaling Out Plone With RelStorage and Replicated MySQL - Plone CMS:
Open Source Content Management

However, I'm not being able to find - in that tutorial or elsewhere -
information that explains how can I set up one Plone / ZODB database
for each web site when using RelStorage, in a similar way to having
one "Data.fs" per web site when using FileStorage:

Multiple Plone sites per zope instance.fs files for each one. — Plone
CMS: Open Source Content Management

Can anyone give me any pointers and/or information, tips, etc...
regarding this, please?

Thanks in advance!  :)

Best wishes,
Ricardo Dias Marques
lists AT ricmarques DOT net
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