pypy as ironpython have internal JIT compilers.

However, I will see later the results and post them here as pure ZODB
would be ready.

of course ironpython gener .NET intermadiate code (bytecode), but I
don't care.

We will see how and where it leads......


Am 26.10.2011 23:52, schrieb Leonardo Santagada:
> On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 4:28 PM, Jim Fulton <> wrote:
>>>> If this is a customer project, I'd recommend dropping either
>>>> iron python or ZODB at this stage.
>>> Why that?! As I know, ironpython creates with the JIT compiler bytecode
>>> in realtime.
>> Because this is going to be pretty new code and you'll be a trail blazer.
> AFAIK iron python is not considerably faster than cpython, so I think
> you will end up with exactly the same performance problems of cpython
> using a pure python ZODB on ironpython.
>>> what about pypy ?!
>> It will be interesting to see how much of the performance pypy
>> can gain back.
> As has been shown with the json module pypy can be really fast with
> pure python code, in the next version of pypy the pure python json
> module is faster than the c extension optimizer _json on cpython. So I
> really think ZODB can be faster on pypy, the problem being how much
> work would it be?
> But looking at a future of a pure python ZODB faster than the one we
> have today (that is quite fast) would be awesome. Not so much for the
> speed but to be able to implement everything in the language we all
> love :)
> Good luck with your work.

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