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> pypy as ironpython have internal JIT compilers.

JIT is not a feature, that just by having it makes everything go fast.
The jit on .net was meant to be used by a static typed language like
C# so it is very poor when used on a completely dynamic language like
python. So no, ironpython and pypy are not comparable at all. This is
very off topic for zodb-dev I just wanted to make this clear so people
don't get sad when the pure python port performs very badly on
ironpython and stop working thinking they will see the same perf on
pypy. Also a tip about performance on pypy, try to make the code as
pythonic as possible and don't optimize it to cpython, and talk to
people on #pypy channel when you need help with performance, they will
gladly help.

Leonardo Santagada
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