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On 04/16/2013 05:13 PM, Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 04:38:06 PM Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Comments?

(I don't now why Stephan's e-mail didn't make it to the list).

> The big omission that I noticed while reading the text carefully is a
> note saying that you will never be able to use stock Py3k pickle,
> because it does not support noload(). Thus ``zodbpickle`` is needed
> for any Py3k code. (I think this is a correction to you your last
> bullet in _replace_py2_cPickle.)

Hmm, I think you are correct.

> That reminds me, originally we forked pickle.py from Python 3.3.
> During PyCon I think you decided to start by using cPickle from Python
> 2.7 instead. If you are starting from Py2.7 cPickle, then supporting
> Protocol 3 is not easy.

Already done (as you note in your follow-up).

> Given your writeup, I think you are implicitly saying to start from
> Py3.3 pickle and add the special support for Python 2 binary via the
> special new type. That sounds good to me.

I would actually prefer to fork the Python 3.2 version:  the one from 3.3
pulls in a bunch of grotty internal-only usage.

> BTW, what are your motivations for all the different strategies?

I wanted to document them all, because some of the strategies suit
different cases better than others.

> _ignore_compat is obvious. If you can easily create the ZODB from
> other data sources, then you can do a one-time switch. In fact, at
> CipherHealth we have this case, since the ZODB only contains config
> (which is loaded from text files) and session data.

Yup.  Even for large CMS systems, I would still make "dump-to-filesystem,
then reload" a requirement.  Others disagree, of course (and may have
legitimate reasons).  Leo Rochael Almeida has clients with databases "too
big to convert", for instance (the downtime required to do the conversion
would be prohibitive, I believe).

> But which strategy would be useful for a large Plone site for example?
> I think we should focus on that and provide one good way to do it.

Plone has historically preferred in-place migration to dump-reload.  Maybe
jumping the Py3k curb is enough reason for them to reconsider.

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