On Monday, April 29, 2013 09:48:05 AM Jim Fulton wrote:
> I'd like there to a stable 4.0 release **soon**
> that doesn't use zodbpickle for Python 2.

I would like to agree. But on the other hand, the ZODB release cycles are very 
long and the prospect of waiting another 6-12 months before any Python 3 
support lands, is really scary because it prohibits me to even write a new 
project in Python 3. (CH has just invested about 6 man-months into the porting 
effort and without ZODB we are basically stuck. But we do not need a transition 
plan, since we can recreate our ZODBs from configuration files.)

Could we compromise and support Python 3 in ZODB 4.0 without necessarily solve 
all the migration strategy issues? In fact, by using zodbpickle, zodbpickle 
can have a separate, faster release cycle experimenting with some transition 
strategies. Maybe one way to install ZODB 4.0 would be to not use zodbpickle 
and use cPickle instead. We already have all that stuff separated into a 
_compat module, so that should not be too hard.

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