On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 4:32 AM, Frédéric Iterbeke
<frederic.iterb...@ugent.be> wrote:
> Op 30/06/2014 9:30, Alessandro Pisa schreef:
>> I have a ~70Gb Data.fs that does not pack anymore.
>> When I pack it it creates a ~8GB Data.fs.pack, then it evaluates thi
>> condition:
>> -https://github.com/zopefoundation/ZODB/blob/3.9.5/src/ZODB/FileStorage/fspack.py#L410
>> as True, removes, the Data.fs.pack and returns.
>> The same happens with ZODB-3.10.5 and using pack-gc = false.
>> In every permutation I tried the produced Data.fs.pack files have the
>> same checksum.
>> Does anybody have some hints?
>> What I am trying to do:
>>   - comment the Data.fs.pack removing.
>>   - use that file as a new Data.fs
> Well, 70 Gb Data.fs is pretty big. But not impossible afaik.

We have much larger datavases.

> If you set pack-gc = false it's normal that nothing is removed.

No, it's not.

> If you think the code is doing something wrong and you would like to try
> packing anyway, I would suggest you just comment the entire if in the
> fspack.py code and try running this version. If I read the code correctly,
> this would force (at least trying) a pack in any case, assuming
> pack-gc=true.

Really? You're suggesting modifying the code.

> I'm not guaranteeing anything and I'm just a zodb user though ;)

And yet you suggest modifying code you don't understand.


> And
> remember to use a copy of your data when doing stuff like this ;)

At least you suggested making a copy.


Jim Fulton
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