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>>> If you think the code is doing something wrong and you would like to try
>>> packing anyway, I would suggest you just comment the entire if in the
>>> fspack.py code and try running this version. If I read the code
>>> correctly,
>>> this would force (at least trying) a pack in any case, assuming
>>> pack-gc=true.
>> Really? You're suggesting modifying the code.
> Sometimes I modify code like that in isolated environments to try to patch
> things or debug problems. Yes, also with code I haven't written myself or
> reviewed from the first 'till the last line.
> I did not suggest committing any change to the current codebase, if that is
> what you were implying.

No, I'm saying it's reckless to suggest modifications to code you
don't understand.

Suppose your changes seemed to work but caused data corruption
that wasn't detected until much later.

Frédéric might have tried your suggested, throught it worked and then
applied it to his production database.

>>> I'm not guaranteeing anything and I'm just a zodb user though ;)
>> And yet you suggest modifying code you don't understand.
>> Amazing.
> I was just trying to help. Which is the purpose of this list, is it not?

Only if you're qualified.  Do you help with brain surgery too?

>>> And
>>> remember to use a copy of your data when doing stuff like this ;)
>> At least you suggested making a copy.
> At least you tried giving a relevant answer later on in the thread.
> Ever thought of the fact that the information you just gave on this list on
> the workings of pack, which other people are trying to comprehend and
> interpret right, is nowhere to be found in documentation? So users are left
> to find out for themselves.
> Or should we all try to fully understand each letter of code in a product
> before using it?

Sorry the documentation isn't thorough enough.

> It's posts like this that make me not want to try to help others anymore.

If I can keep an unqualified helper from causing harm, I've accomplished


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