I believe a direction was taken to validate a vendor product against the
least common denominator... If it works in a sparse root (whole and
vanilla will work).  Additionally, whole to include vanilla, and vanilla
only as options.  ISV certification is a very critical thing that may be
an advantage for Sun to post online somewhere.  Save us from all going
about to figure it out.

-- Ron 

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My client just asked me what is Sun's strategy for getting ISV's to
certify their applications with zones.  Specifically they stated that
there are 3 potential Solaris 10 OS configurations that ISV's must
certify under--Sol 10 vanilla, whole root zones and sparse root zones.  
I know first hand how painful it is to get ISV's in line.  My client
also has felt the pain and asks a reasonable question.  This arose
during a trusted extensions discussion. The impression is that trusted
may rely on sparse root zones. Given that the client has built a SOE
based on whole root zones initially (because the ISV's do not support
sparse root zones) this is an inhibitor.

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