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I have a question about routeing on zones that are on a different physical
interface as well as a different subnet than the global zone. How do you
make it work. Example below:

I have worked around this by replacing svc:/system/zones:default and
/lib/svc/method/svc-zones.  My replacements have or will shortly have:

1) Issue zoneadm boot, watch ifconfig output to see interfaces with
"zone <zonename>" then add appropriate default route. (done, working
for 6+ months)
2) Respect a per-zone attribute (e.g. shutdown-timeout) to allow each
zone to have its own zone timeout value.

Since you seem to be going down a similar route that I am, you may
find this useful too...  If I configure IPMP for link-based probe
detection on VLAN interfaces on bge0 and bge1 as:



I find that when I do cable pulls (pull bge0, replace bge0, pull bge1,
replace bge1) that a zone IP address has been transitioned to a test
address.  Yuck!


Mike Gerdts
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