> I will most likely be able to test it once it is there - it would be easier
 > for me to test against S10 than it would be against Nevada.  However,
 > assuming these changes fall within usr/src/cmd-inet/usr.lib/in.mpathd and
 > not somewhere under usr/src/uts, it would probably be pretty
 > straight-forward for me to build and test it against S10.

Indeed; the fix involves just 5 lines of changes to in.mpathd (though the
function being changed was recently overhauled by my fix for 6397456 --
but I think it should still be straightforward).

 > As such, if it makes it into Nevada (or you send me diffs) in the next
 > couple of days, I should be able to test it this week.

It would be great if we could verify this fixes your issues before going
back to Nevada.

 > I also have a case open against this problem, and will be looking for a test
 > binary and patch through official support channels.

Is there a CR open yet?

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