LU doesn't work for boxes with zones yet, afaik. zonepath on vxvm volumes won't work for upgrade from 3/05 (granted, upgrade from 3/05 with zones isn't supported anyway). I have no reason to think this would work with 1/06 either, vxconfigd has to run in order to present the volumes to the OS, and I don't think it can run while you're doing an upgrade. I seem to remember removing VxVM mountpoints from vfstab before initiating upgrade for S8.

Incidentally I just asked this question regarding SVM volumes being present during upgrade, and the answer from our engineer is that yes, it should work. Haven't tried it yet though.


William D. Hathaway wrote:
  A co-worker recently posted this question:
"Does anyone know if you can put the zone root's on a Veritas Volume Manager volume 
and then have the ability to upgrade in the future? "

My gut feeling is that if you using Live Upgrade this might work, but it would 
definitely not work using the old-school standard upgrade method.

Anyone care to comment on the current or future supportability of this?

William Hathaway
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