Outdated - there wasn't anything to upgrade s10 + zones *to* till 1/06...


Christine Tran wrote:

Hi David,

Umm ... sorry, perhaps this is outdated, my notes have a section cut&pasted from a BigAdmin article "Understanding The Basics About Solaris Containers in the Solaris 10 OS" dated 8/05. It says that for 3/05, standard upgrade and LU don't know about non-global zones. Specifically:

"To prevent a Solaris instance with non-global zones installed from being damaged by an upgrade attempt, code has been added to both standard upgrade and Live Upgrade to detect the presence of non-global zones and to refuse to upgrade if non-global zones are installed in Solaris 10 GA (3/05)."

Is this not correct or did I misunderstand?



Just to clarify that upgrade from 3/05 when zones are present is
supported for "standard" upgrade.  It's the LU piece that is under

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