On 7/14/06, Dan Price <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Alternatively, is there a way to run a command (i.e.
> /usr/local/bin/screen -S zonename zlogin -C zonename) whenever a zone
> transitions from installed -> running?

Not offhand, but you could just always run a screen session for all of
your zones-- it's OK to zlogin -C to a zone which is not running.

Conserver may be a useful tool as well.


The key benefit (I think) of conserver over screen would be in the
case of having lots of machines with lots of zones.  *I think*
conserver can be configured to accept connections over TCP from remote

I suspect that if you have used redirected the console of a V20z or
V40z through the service processor, you will be right at home with
conserver.  Refer to the help screen from console(1) in the above URL
and compare it to the output you get from ^Ec? after doing "platform


Mike Gerdts
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