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Dave Bevans writes:
> More information on the OS upgrade issue...
> This is from the customer...
> When I'm running in the multi-user state, all of the SAN devices show up 
> as c7 devices (mpxio) and the internals show up as c1.  When I boot off 
> of DVD, the SAN devices are still there, but they're translated back to 
> c0 and c1 devices and the internals are c3, (i.e...mpxio isn't in control).
> The gentleman that I'm working for here, opened a case way back when, 
> #65058360.  Can you find out whether mpxio is in the miniroot?  ...and 
> if it is, it doesn't appear to be working.

It sounds to me like you need to talk to the group that supports
mpxio, rather than install or zones.

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