I am not a Veritas expert, but I figure that the reason folks ask for Veritas in a zone is because they want all the behaviors they are used to on a stand-alone system.

One reason for raw devices it to avoid the filesystem overhead. And with Veritas, they'd want to use QuickIO if using VxFS to simulate raw speeds while using filesystem symantics and administrative benefits.

So the questions I have are:

Since there is a single VM, filesystem and cache, and kernel, would it be sufficient to create the necessary filesystem(s) in the global zone and deliver them to the non-global zone? Is Oracle or any other application going to see lower performance if they application is running in a non-global zone? Is an application such as Oracle hidden from some of the device specific accesses or properties that the reduced privilieges on a NGZ present?

So, is it necessary for Veritas to provide feature support in a NGZ?

I guess the same questions apply to DirectIO on UFS?


Doug Scott wrote On 08/08/06 10:12,:
<i>Can we do raw device with Veritas in a zone? I know we can do this for a FS with 
lofs but not sure about raw, thanks Andy</i>

If my memory serves me correct, I have done this in the past with a UFS 
filesystem. I think all I had to do was to define the device name with zonecfg. 
Off the to of my head something like -

[In zonecfg]
add device
set match=/dev/vx/mydg/rdsk/disk100
end device

Note: my veritas is rusty these days :)

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