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I tried finding the solution by scanning previous posts to this group, and looking into manuals, but I haven't found the answer yet.
Where do I define the services (SMF) that a) get started by default in a zone, and b) are made available to a zone?

Each zone has its own SMF infrastructure and services, so you would login to the zone as root and use svcadm(1M).

correct. where is it defined which services the zone has access to, though? When I create a (sparse-root) NGZ I see all services with svcs -a, but only a subset of what's in the GZ

Let me be more specific. I want to run in.tftpd in my NGZ. The GZ lists svc://network/tftp/udp6:default but the zone does not have this service defined, so I can not svcadm enable it. 

Is anybody aware of a limitation of in.tftpd not to be available in a NGZ?

I know that services can not run in a zone at all, like routing or nfs. Is there a list somewhere, or does SMF contain a flag for services that can not run in a zone?

Routing is not a service managed by SMF.  There is just one router for all the zones, managed by the global zone.  This may change in the future.

right, I named it as a "service" that can not run in a zone because it manages structures in the kernel as well as nfs, and hence "global" (which is my understanding).

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