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IHAC that created zones and wants the users to be able to reboot the
zones.they put the following in their password file:

bounce:x:0:1:Bounce Account:/:/usr/sbin/reboot

this way a user can 'su bounce ' and reboot the zone..The zone hangs
while coming down and customer wants to know why..

The only problem with reboot is that the "shutdown" scripts don't run.
You would be better off with "init 0" or "shutdown -i0 -y".
Using "reboot" or "halt" doesn't have applications gracefully shutdown,
they just get killed.

I will summarize the answers of others and add some info of my own:

1) First, when using zlogin it is safer to use full pathnames for commands, in order to ensure that you are running the program you want to run.

2) These two don't run shutdown scripts:

   zlogin twilight /usr/sbin/halt
   zlogin twilight /usr/sbin/reboot

3) This doesn't work, at least on my system:

   zlogin twilight shutdown

4) This will gracefully stop a zone:

   zlogin twilight /usr/sbin/shutdown -i0 -y -g0

5) This will gracefully reboot a zone

   zlogin twilight /usr/sbin/shutdown -i6 -y -g0

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