I am working with a customer to try to access tty devices from within a zone. They are using a custom interface card for their tty devices, but it appears to create pretty standard device nodes and links from /dev/tty and /dev/cua to the devices.

As a first test, just to verify the ability to add a tty to a zone, I created a second symlink, /dev/cua/b, that pointed to the same location as /dev/cua/a. I then added this device to the zone using add device, set match=/dev/cua/b and restarted the zone. I did not see the new tty in the zone.

The customer wants to take this a step further, since they use a large number of these tty ports in their applications. They want to allocate /dev/cua/ devices to different zones.

Why is this failing?  I am able to access /dev/ttya just fine in a zone.

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