Does the package touch any inherited file ssytems, ie /usr or /lib as well?

The one reason I can think of for the behaviour you describe is if the package is installings bits into /usr for instance and /usr is inherited , then zoneadm install will not run the postinstall script for the package as there were no files actually installed ( as /usr is inherited ).
I use /usr as an example but the same applies to any inherited filesystem.

If that is that case  ( installing into /usr with postinstall modifying /etc/services ), then the package would be in violation of packaging standards.
Such a package would need to be split into two seperate packages, root and usr. The following table lists the values for BASEDIR and SUNW_PKG_TYPE that is acceptable.

Prototype Package Object path allowed
No usr or opt/ paths
Only usr/ paths
relocatable under /usr/
only usr/platform
 only openwin/ paths

 only paths under /opt

So I'm guessing that in your case, you need to have one package that has

SUNW_PKG_TYPE=root  and BASEDIR=/  which delivers the /etc/services bit
and another that has
SUNW_PKG_TYPE=usr  and BASEDIR=/   which delivers into  /usr perhaps.

If the above is not the case, then we will need further info, perhaps the pkginfo and pkgmap of the failing package.


Joseph Balenzano wrote:
I have a package with the follow variables set ...


The package also runs a postinstall script which modifies /etc/services

The package installs fine in the GZ and all current zones.  The issue is with future zones.  It appears that the postinstall script does not run in the namespace of the future zone that is, when the postinstall script runs, it modifies the /etc/services.  I then tried prefixing the /etc/services references in the postinstall script  with PKG_INSTALL_ROOT variable, but that appears not to be set when postinstall runs.

I don't really have a package like this but I have seen a number of packages from ISVs that does stuff like this.  Is this suppose to work like this?


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