Steffen Weiberle wrote:
Jeff Victor wrote On 09/14/06 10:35,:

Does it make any difference as to where or what kind of fs that the zoneroot is mounted? and is there any difference with a whole root zone?

The situation is the same for both sparse and whole-root zones.

The key is whether or not the file system is "available" under the
miniroot since the upgrade takes place there.  If the system is able to
mount the file system from the miniroot, then upgrading zones hosted on
that file system should be fine.

Does anyone which fs types are available in the miniroot?

I case I mis-read, nv47 has zfs available in the miniroot, as well as UFS. So I'd imagine Solaris 10 6/06 would have the same.

Even though the zfs code is available in the mini-root, the
install/upgrade code running on the mini-root does not know how to
discover or use zfs filesystems on the target disks, so you cannot
install or upgrade zfs-based filesystems yet.  Thus, this includes
upgrading zones that reside on zfs.  In the next update the zulu
project will add live-upgrade support for zones, but it will still
not include support for zones residing on zfs.  That work is being
handled by a separate project.

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