Andreas Koppenhoefer writes:
> Usually we install local zones for our customer as sparse root. That is /lib, 
> /platform, /sbin and /usr as inherit-pkg-dir.
> Now suppose our customer requires a software to be installed in a single zone 
> below /usr. In the first step this is not possible since /usr is read-only.
> I already know about several workaround for this like:
> - using pkgadd with different BASEDIR (if it's a relocatable package)
> - using symlinks below /usr (created in global zone) pointing to some zone 
> local storage.
> - etc.

There's one notable option you didn't list: create /usr/foo (where
'foo' is the directory into which this software installs) as a
writable directory within the zone.  To do this, just use "add fs" to
create either a lofs, ufs, or zfs mount.

You can create read-write mounts at points below a read-only mount.

So, unless that software actually installs directly to /usr/bin,
there's no need to get fancy here.

> But hey, I've got another Idea and want to ask you if that might be possible.
> Let's talk about a zone configured with /usr as inherit-pkg-dir.
> We want to convert /usr from inherit-pkg-dir to a copied filesystem like in a 
> full root zone.
> How can we do this? Imagine:

Without uninstalling and reinstalling the zone, there's no supported
way to do that.

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