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Is there anywhere I can find documentation/recommendation of
backing up Solaris 10 with global zones and non global zones please.

       I have seen the following written up, but I don't recall
whether it was Sun documentation or Veritas (Symantec).

Basically, what is the recommended method of backing up Solaris 10
servers using netbackup. Do I just backup global zones and ignore none
global zones ?

       Yes, if all of the data in the non-global zones are visible in
the global zone.

However, I can see this going to be a problem where any devices that
is not mounted on global zones but mounted on non-global zones.

       The other case where you need NBU in the non-global zone (and
the reason we have it installed and running there) is database agents.
We use Oracle with RMAN and the NBU Oracle Agent to backup our
databases. Since Oracle is not installed in the global zone, we must
run the databse backup in the non-global zone.

       There is a special procedure for installing the NBU client in
both the global and non-global zone on a system. The NBU client is
hard coded to look for it's config file at
/usr/openv/netbackup/bp.conf ... one of the recommended ways to
accomplish this (and what we are doing) is to create in the global
zone a symbolic link at /usr/openv poitning to /opt/openv (or some
other non-pkg-inherited directory/filesystem). Then install the NBU
client like usual in the global zone and all non-global zones where
needed. The _only_ backups we run in the non-global zone are the
Oracle Agent RMAN backups. We still backup the non-database files via
the backup of the global zone. We add the filesystems/directories that
contain just Oracle _data_ (backed up via RMAN) to the exclude list in
the global zone (/usr/openv/netbackup/exclude_list which is really
located at /opt/openv/netbackup/exclude_list).

       We have been using this procedure for about six months now and
have had no issues (related to zones) either backing up or restoring
either files or database data.

option is to back both global and non global zones and then exclude
/export/zones (used for zones). I think this is the best method.. But would
like some expert advice.

       I do not recall if the NBU exclude list is recursive, in other
words, if adding /export/zones will exclude _all_ filesystems mounted
below that. If not, then you would have to add each filesystem to teh
exclude list explicitly. I do recall that this approach was also
mentioned in the document I found, but I don't recall a definitive
"Best Practice" being specified. It just summarized the various ways
to get valid backups of both global and non-global zones using NBU and
left it up to the system admin to determine which was best for their

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