Lets say I have a T2000 with 16 threads.

I have the following:

pool_1 = dynamic pool with 50% utilization goal set
        zone_a = 50/100 shares
                proj_alpha = 50/100 shares
                proj_beta  = 50/100 shares
        zone_b = 50 shares
pool_2 = dynamic pool with 50% utilization goal set
        zone_c = 50/100 shares
        zone_d = 50/100 shares

To make the case more simple, we will state that all pools and zones and projects are running at the max so the constraints are being forced instead of one Solaris resource entity receiving more than he is allocated due to the FSS share model.

Is there anyway to estimate before seeing actual utilization what the physical utilization of proj_alpha would be? Would you just....

50% of the physical box to pool_1 divided by 50 shares for zone_a equals 25% of host utilization available for zone_a. Then 50% of 25% (25/50) is 12.5% of raw host utilization available for proj_alpha?

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