Jeff Victor writes:
> Detlef Drewanz wrote:
> > I know dhcp-server and bootp-server were not possible to run in local 
> > zones. So now with S10 11/06 we can configure some more privileges into 
> > a zone. E.g. if I add the privilege net_raw_access to a zone, can I then 
> > run dhcp-server or dhcp-server in a local zone (because I should now be 
> > able to listen for broadcasts) ?
> Funny, I was wondering about that, and decided to attempt to resolve this 
> today.  If anyone has an answer, I'd like to hear it.  But I'll be working on 
> this today.

in.dhcpd does SIOCSXARP to hotwire the ARP entry, which means at least
sys_net_config is required.  sys_net_config is on the list of
privileges that cannot be added to a zone:

% grep sys_net_config /usr/lib/brand/native/config.xml
        <privilege set="prohibited" name="sys_net_config" />

It seems unlikely that this will work.

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