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I know dhcp-server and bootp-server were not possible to run in local zones. So now with S10 11/06 we can configure some more privileges into a zone. E.g. if I add the privilege net_raw_access to a zone, can I then run dhcp-server or dhcp-server in a local zone (because I should now be able to listen for broadcasts) ?
Funny, I was wondering about that, and decided to attempt to resolve this today. If anyone has an answer, I'd like to hear it. But I'll be working on this today.

in.dhcpd does SIOCSXARP to hotwire the ARP entry, which means at least
sys_net_config is required.  sys_net_config is on the list of
privileges that cannot be added to a zone:

% grep sys_net_config /usr/lib/brand/native/config.xml
        <privilege set="prohibited" name="sys_net_config" />
It seems unlikely that this will work.

in.dhcpd does work with IP Instances though.

But this assumes, at least initially, that each exclusive-IP zone has a separate datalink name (e.g. bge1 vs. bge0, or bge33000). Thus it might not help until vnic support is added to Solaris.


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