> Hi..


> dir. I have looked at delegating a dataset to samba
> and creating a new fs for each user but then I cannot
> share that with www. I also tried creating the fs
> under the global zone and mounting that via lofs but
> that did not seem to carry over each underlying fs
> and lost the quota capability. I cannot share via NFS
> since non global
> zones cannot mount from the same server.

If you dont't want to use a commercial product to mount the smb share provided 
by the samba zone (such as sharity), I think your only chance is to share the 
zone's filesystem via NFS form the global zone.
Either you have your zfs dataset just in the global zone and export it to both 
the samba and the www zone (i don't know if putting a samba share on top of a 
NFS share is a good idea), or you delegate the zfs pool to the samba zone and 
then export it from the global zone (like share /zones/zone-samba/root/data/smb 
if your zone-path ist /zones/zone-samb and your datadir is /data/smb).
The  more elegant solution in my opinion is the first one as zfs can share 
filesystems by setting just one parameter. You may have to look if there are 
any locking issues with samba on top of NFS, i think there were at least some 
with the Linux NFS implementation.
If you choose soloution b, sharing a delegated dataset from the global zone, 
you have to be sure that all mounts are disconnected and you unshare the mount 
form the global zone before you shut down the samba zone.
If you forget to do that, your samba zone won't come down. The only soloution I 
found to clear the zone was to reboot the whole box.

Hope that helps,

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