Daren R. Sefcik wrote:
Hi.. After searching hi & low, I cannot find the answer for what I want to
do (or at least understand how to do it). I am hopeful somebody can point
me in the right direction. I have (2) non global zones (samba & www) I want
to be able to have all user home dir's served from zone samba AND be
visable under zone www as the users public_html dir. I have looked at
delegating a dataset to samba and creating a new fs for each user but then
I cannot share that with www. I also tried creating the fs under the global
zone and mounting that via lofs but that did not seem to carry over each
underlying fs and lost the quota capability.

What file system type are you using? "Delegating a dataset" implies ZFS, but all of the common file system types can be mounted into a zone using LOFS.

What behavior did you see regarding the loss of quotas? If ZFS quotas are not maintained when mounted via LOFS, is it possible to use UFS instead?

Is there a reason that you cannot mount the underlying file systems into the zones as well?

I cannot share via NFS since
non global zones cannot mount from the same server.

How can I achieve what I want to do?

Perhaps there is another method to achieve your real goal(s). In non-technical terms, what is your goal? In other words, why do you want one zone to serve files to another zone?

The requirements are:

User Quotas (needs a file system for each user) Share file systems across
multiple non global zones (rw)

I have close to 3000 users so it must be a manageable approach and
hopefully allow me to use the root preexec of samba to auto create user

tia for any help,


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