Hi Gino,

Is it possible that UNIX sockets are being used instead of INET? That would eliminate the TCP and IP protocol processing down and up the stack required for IPC. X Windowing System does that--if the client and server are co-located, they don't create IP connections. With the web and DB servers in different zones, they must use IP.

You can check by seeing how many network connections via netstat or they type of connections via pfiles (the peername: would show AF_UNIX instead of AF_INET[6]).


Gino Ruopolo wrote On 12/27/06 13:13,:
Hi all,

S10u2, 2 zones.
Zone A:  higly optimized Apache+PHP serving about 1000 concurrent users
Zone B:  MySQL database

We found that just moving the MySQL database from zone B to zone A reduce the 
load of about 20% (system %cpu)!!

Why zones introduce so high overhead??

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