> I would not read too much into those values, but I
> think that it is safe to 
> conclude that there is little difference in network
> performance among those 
> situations.  The two situations you have described
> are (4) and (5).

In my setup I have about 1000 connection/s, not a single connection.

Is it possible that establishing a new connection between 2 processes in 2 
different zones costs about 18% more than the same processes in the same zones?

> If we can rule out network performance, we must look
> elsewhere.  Would you 
> send the zonecfg info for the two zones you have been
> using?

Full zone, single ip, nothing else.  Sure I can send you the config tomorrow if 
you like but you'll not find anything interesting :(

> Also, how many zones are running on this system?

Only the zones I'm writing about.

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