Jeff Victor writes:
> 1. Global zone to global zone using 125 Mbytes/s
> 2. Global zone to global zone using 192.x.y.z: 124 Mbytes/s
> 3. Global zone to non-global zone:             124 Mbytes/s
> 4. Non-global zone to itself:                  118 Mbytes/s
> 5. Non-global zone to another non-global zone: 122 Mbytes/s

Did you just rely on ftp's reports?  If so, and if you didn't have
name services set up to be snappy on reverse (address-to-name)
translation, you might have lost some time there.  (Just a wild guess;
I don't know what else could account for that.)

There really ought to be no difference among those numbers, as it's
the same stack being driven in the same code paths.  Zones are not an
emulation layer.

It's puzzling that you're seeing a difference at all.

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