Ben Rockwood writes:
> Second Request.  Any takers?

Sorry for the delay, but at least I've been having trouble parsing the
original request -- I was sort of hoping that someone else would do a
better job with it.

I can give you Ashanti and Zulu details, but I don't think they'll
actually answer any of these questions.

> I'm having trouble finding details on Ashanti and Zulu.  What do
> these additions mean for those moving zones between releases but not
> via the installer?

There's no change.

>  I notice SUNWluu is now required during migrations which peaks my interest.

What kind of "migrations?"  SUNWluu contains part of the Live Upgrade
code, which is used to create alternate system images ("boot
environments"), switch among them, and perform upgrades of inactive

> There are two distinct ways to upgrade zones: 
> 1) Migration (detach from sysA, move and attach to sysB)
> 2) In Place 
> It seems like this work was to fix problems with in-place upgrades,
> but how much of this work will play into upgrade by migration?

I know of no way to do a "migration" between versions of Solaris by
detaching and reattaching a zone.  I don't see how that's possible.
The source and destination of such a move need to be the same version
and patch level, as best I understand.  See PSARC 2006/030.

The only upgrade mechanisms I know about here are standard upgrade
(which involves shutting the system down, booting from the install
media, and doing an off-line upgrade) and Live Upgrade (which makes a
copy of the system, upgrades that while the system continues to run,
then switches from one image to the other).

> If possible, having access to the PSARC  2005/474 Spec would be appreciated.

In progress ... but it doesn't address any of your questions.

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