James Carlson writes:
> It might be possible to hack up a version of ACR to do some of that
> instead, but that solution sounds far enough off the path that we
> really want to go with Zones that I don't think it's something worth
> doing.  But, if you do, then propose an "ACR for detached zones"
> project and have at it.

I should probably be more clear in noting that it'd only be "some of
that:" ACR processes the packaging scripts.  It *assumes* that you've
already installed all the type 'f' files (via BFU's cpio) from the new
packages.  This *WILL NOT* be true on those reattached zones, and if
you want to use ACR there, you'll have to find some way to make it
true.  It's not a complete solution for the problem.

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