On Wed 24 Jan 2007 at 01:04PM, The Real Warren Belfer wrote:
> John Clingan wrote:
> >If we had used ksh, I am sure we would have gotten the bash question :)
> >
> >Developer preference I suppose. If you still have issues, blame Brad. He 
> >started it :)
> Hi,
> Well, shouldn't system utilities be written using tools
> available in all install metaclusters. Bash is only available
> in the End User install and larger, so folks using a Core install
> or smaller wouldn't be able to use this.
> OTOH, ksh is available in all clusters,

Well zonemgr isn't part of the Solaris product, so no such rules
apply (and there never were any such rules in the first place, although
there probably should have been).

As long as the zonemgr package states a package dependency on what it
needs, then it can be considered an acceptably packaged utility, IMO.


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