> Hello,
> recently I had discussion with our DBA about Oracle
> DISM in zones. I had
> remembered that it wasn't possible to use it inside
> local zone
> and started looking for docs which can be read by the
> DBA.
> While looking for it I encountered (again because I
> had read it before)
> zones FAQ at
> http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/zones/faq/
> I wanted to show to the DBA the paragraph about
> shared memory 
> and what a surprise (!): we can use DISM in a
> container since
> S10 11/06:
> http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/zones/faq/#app
> _orcl_shmem
> Hence the question:
> - why isn't it mentioned in "What's new" at
> docs.sun.com ?
> - is it possible to create RSS feed to the FAQ (and
> other FAQ at
>   www.opensolaris.org) ?
> egards
> przemol
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Thanks for these questions about the docs. I copy the zones discussion alias 
here, because they have the expertise needed to truly answer these questions. 
In general, the What's New document gives a high-level look at new features for 
a release. The detailed information you're looking for is more likely in the 
admin guide or man pages linked from the What's New. We'll find out if this was 
an oversight, thanks again for sending it along.

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