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Last time I checked, having one's zone roots (zonepaths) on
ZFS file systems was not a recommended practice, despite the
fact that this works.  IIRC, the problem was that the upgrade
code didn't grok zfs and would therefore get terribly confused
should the zone roots reside on ZFS.

However, given that S10 11/06 doesn't support upgrading of zones
anyway (even if they reside on UFS file systems), is this point
moot?  (Or is that applicable to live upgrade only?)

More succinctly: apart from not being able to upgrade (presumably
an initial reinstall will be required), what are the reasons for
NOT hosting zone roots on ZFS?

Background: I have a Nevada build 33 server that I will be putting
into production very soon, by nuking it and doing a fresh install
of S10 11/06.  The server's zones currently live on ZFS, and I was
hoping to duplicate this arrangement on the production installation.


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