On Wed, 7 Feb 2007, Jerry Jelinek wrote:

> This is incorrect.  All S10 updates have supported upgrading systems
> with zones.  I believe what you are thinking of is that live-upgrade
> does not support upgrading systems with zones.  This is being
> fixed in the next S10 update.  It is already fixed in nevada.

Gotcha; thanks for the clarification.

> That is the only real reason.  The only other reason I know of
> is fairly obscure.  The patch tools don't know about zfs so they
> can miscalculate space when you have a set of zones, each on
> their own zfs dataset, but in the same zpool.  If you were really
> tight on space, the patch process might fail partway through as a
> result.  This is probably not an issue for most people but is
> the only other one I know of.

Excellent; disk space won't be an issue for me, nor will the
non-live-upgradability, so I'll be putting my zone roots on

Much obliged!

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