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Robert Gordon wrote:
So could we all agree that:
An NFS Server in a zone means that the namespace it exports is restricted to that zone only. By that i mean no global zone access to that namespace,

Unless I misunderstand you, we have no choice - the global zone's namespace is separate from a non-global zone's namespace. The only way to change that is to use a network-based directory service.

This is a key design point of zones.

so lets say /export/z1 is the root of zone1; and it contains a directory
that is called export. Zone1 exports it's /export, which is in reality
the global zones /export/z1/export.

I'm asserting that the global zone will not be allowed to NFS export
anything below /export/z1; I'd even go further and say that any user
in the global zone would not have access to /export/z1. (but then i am
also an advocate that if there is something shared, solaris should disallow
local access to that share point (and below) period... :) )


PS; should we move the discussion to just nfs-discuss (or zones- discuss) rather
    than continue to cross-post ?
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