> > 2) Lack of requirements - we don't know what people want.
> In addition to the requirements already stated by others, another
> crucial one is a resolution of the infamous NFS/VM deadlock.  There
> have been numerous bugs filed over the years concerning it but I
> believe the current one is
>       5065254 NFS/UFS deadlock when system is both NFS server and
>               client
> If non-global zones are going to be NFS servers, then fixing this is a
> requirement.

I think we already have this as a potentially serious problem for
non-global zones that are NFS clients of the global zone, don't we?
Making it work "right" would involve either resolving the underlying
deadlock or somehow identifying those self-mounts and doing a lofs
mount from the global zone instead.

I think the latter is what's done for TX, but it's in a very narrow
usage case.  The general case hasn't been solved.

I don't think it's a special problem that's particular to allowing
non-global zones to be NFS servers.

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