Our company is a current consumer of Trusted Solaris 8 and we will be 
converting to Solaris 10 with TX. For the conversion to be final however we 
must wait for the Common Criteria EAL4+ CAPP, RBAC, and LSPP release of Solaris 
10 with TX. We are currently using Solaris 10 Update 3 for testing. In Trusted 
Solaris 8 our data is seperated into clearances which range from unclass to 
Secret with compartments. Some of the classified data is shared out to other 
classified systems. In Solaris 10 with TX we will seperate our clearances with 
labeled zones. This is our reason nfs server functionality is needed in zones 
in Solaris 10 with TX. We will have classified data which only resides in a 
labeled zone which will need to be shared out to other systems with the same 
clearance. If any of this is confusing I will try to explain better if need be. 
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