Hi Oz,

Thanks for your contribution!

The readwrite/readonly loopback mount (lofs) options are intended
to provide non-global access to a global filesystem, directory, file,
or device.  The proper usage is as follows:

  -w "<global_dir_name>|<non-global_dir_name>"
  -r "<global_dir_name>|<non-global_dir_name>"

The only reason that I clarified this usage is because your example
seemed to imply the reverse use.  e.g. "<non-globaldir>|<globaldir"

I added the check for the presence of the filesystem, directory,
file or device in the global zone to the Zone Manager because if 
I don't when zoneadm will fail with the an error.  Here is an
example with the safeguard disabled:

In this example, I am attempting to readonly mount the global 
directory "/nodata" which does not exist in the global zone on
/fstest2 in the non-global zone fstest.

# zonemgr -a add -n fstest  -z /zones -P admin123 -r "/nodata|/fstest"
could not verify fs /fstest: could not access /nodata: No such file or
zoneadm: zone fstest failed to verify
Error: Zone installation failed, return value: 0

Note that the resulting state of the zone is configured.  

# zonemgr -a list
  ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND
   0 global           running    /                              native
   - fstest1          configured /zones/fstest2                 native

The zone can't be installed unless the configuration is changed to 
use a filesystem, directory, file or device that exists in the 
global zone.

Lastly, the documentation for this safeguard is the error message
that you see when you specify a filesystem, directory, file, or device
that does not exist in the global zone.

Best regards and thanks for using the Zone Manager!


On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 16:06 -0500, ozan s. yigit wrote:
> zonemgr issue:
> i happen to use mount points in my global zone that are different
> than the mount points i want to see in a non-global zone; for example
> my interactive login zone has a lofs /home that maps to global zone
> (say) /zfs-home which is distinctly *different* than /home in
> the global zone. [it has different home dirs]
> zoneadm code has the most peculiar [mis]feature: it thinks it should
> check the local directory spec in the global zone, for eg. -w "gdir|ldir"
> for reasons at best muddy: to protect my sanity? to enforce a best-practice
> policy: "hmm, thou shalt name all your mount points same for lofs in global
> and non-global zones"
>          globaldir=`echo ${rodirs[$i]} | cut -d"|" -f1`
>           localdir=`echo ${rodirs[$i]} | cut -d"|" -f2`
>           if [ -d "$localdir" ]
>           then
>              true
>           else
>              error_message "The \"$localdir\" directory does not exist 
> in the                                global zone."
>           fi
> this check will succeed in this peculiar case (because i happen
> to have /home) but fail when i want to do (say) -r "/zfs-shared|/shared"
> because /shared does not exist in the global zone.
> here is a suggestion: either give me enough rope, or document and skip
> the unnecessary syntax. either let me do
>       -w "/my/own/zfs/none/of/your/beeswax|/local"
> or
>       -w "/local"     # same global and non-global mt point
> a minor glitch in an otherwise amazingly useful script.
> oz

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