I looked more closely into the problem you cited and found some 
cleanup and clarification that needed to occur in that section.
You are correct in that the presence of the nonglobal directory 
is irrelevant.  That section was supposed to ensure the presence
of the specified global dir/file/dev in the global zone and not 
in the nonglobal zone. Thanks for finding that!!!

I cleaned up that section.  Now, if the global directory, file,
or device in the global zone does not exist, I added a prompt to 
create the directory. If you refuse, ZoneMgr will exit because 
otherwise zoneadm will fail later when it tries to validate the 
zone configuration file.

The updated version is available here:


Try it out and let me know if you have further issues.

And thanks again for your contribution!


On Thu, 08 Mar 2007 23:17:27 -0500, "ozan s. yigit"
> Hi Brad, thanks for the response.
> i suppose i am misunderstanding your code. you are actually checking
> "non-global"
> dir name in the global space, *not* the global dir name itself. this
> tool cannot make this
> example work without creating /local in the global zone.
>      zonecfg:test> add fs
>      zonecfg:test:fs> set dir=/local
>      zonecfg:test:fs> set special=/opt/local
>      zonecfg:test:fs> set type=lofs
>      zonecfg:test:fs> add options [ro,nodevices]
>      zonecfg:test:fs> end
> here is zonemgr 1.8 in action:
> # ./zonemgr -a add -n test -z "/zones" -t s \
>     -P "changeme" -R /root \
>     -r "/opt/local|/local"
> Error: The "/local" directory does not exist in the global zone.
> Use -h flag to see proper usage or -l flag to see the license.
> /opt/local exists in the global zone. /local does not, and is not
> *supposed to*.
> cheers
> oz
>> Hi Oz,
>> Thanks for your contribution!
>> The readwrite/readonly loopback mount (lofs) options are intended
>> to provide non-global access to a global filesystem, directory, file,
>> or device.  The proper usage is as follows:
>>   -w "<global_dir_name>|<non-global_dir_name>"
>>   -r "<global_dir_name>|<non-global_dir_name>"
>> The only reason that I clarified this usage is because your example
>> seemed to imply the reverse use.  e.g. "<non-globaldir>|<globaldir"
>> I added the check for the presence of the filesystem, directory,
>> file or device in the global zone to the Zone Manager because if
>> I don't when zoneadm will fail with the an error.  Here is an
>> example with the safeguard disabled:
>> In this example, I am attempting to readonly mount the global
>> directory "/nodata" which does not exist in the global zone on
>> /fstest2 in the non-global zone fstest.
>> # zonemgr -a add -n fstest  -z /zones -P admin123 -r
>> could not verify fs /fstest: could not access /nodata: No such file
>> directory
>> zoneadm: zone fstest failed to verify
>> Error: Zone installation failed, return value: 0
>> Note that the resulting state of the zone is configured.
>> # zonemgr -a list
>>   ID NAME             STATUS     PATH                           BRAND
>> IP
>>    0 global           running    /
>> shared
>>    - fstest1          configured /zones/fstest2
>> shared
>> The zone can't be installed unless the configuration is changed to
>> use a filesystem, directory, file or device that exists in the
>> global zone.
>> Lastly, the documentation for this safeguard is the error message
>> that you see when you specify a filesystem, directory, file, or
>> that does not exist in the global zone.
>> Best regards and thanks for using the Zone Manager!
>> Brad
>> On Thu, 2007-03-08 at 16:06 -0500, ozan s. yigit wrote:
>>> zonemgr issue:
>>> i happen to use mount points in my global zone that are different
>>> than the mount points i want to see in a non-global zone; for
>>> my interactive login zone has a lofs /home that maps to global zone
>>> (say) /zfs-home which is distinctly *different* than /home in
>>> the global zone. [it has different home dirs]
>>> zoneadm code has the most peculiar [mis]feature: it thinks it should
>>> check the local directory spec in the global zone, for eg. -w
> "gdir|ldir"
>>> for reasons at best muddy: to protect my sanity? to enforce a
> best-practice
>>> policy: "hmm, thou shalt name all your mount points same for lofs in
> global
>>> and non-global zones"
>>>          globaldir=`echo ${rodirs[$i]} | cut -d"|" -f1`
>>>           localdir=`echo ${rodirs[$i]} | cut -d"|" -f2`
>>>           if [ -d "$localdir" ]
>>>           then
>>>              true
>>>           else
>>>              error_message "The \"$localdir\" directory does not
>>> in the                              global zone."
>>>           fi
>>> this check will succeed in this peculiar case (because i happen
>>> to have /home) but fail when i want to do (say) -r
> "/zfs-shared|/shared"
>>> because /shared does not exist in the global zone.
>>> here is a suggestion: either give me enough rope, or document and
>>> the unnecessary syntax. either let me do
>>>     -w "/my/own/zfs/none/of/your/beeswax|/local"
>>> or
>>>     -w "/local"     # same global and non-global mt point
>>> a minor glitch in an otherwise amazingly useful script.
>>> oz
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