IHAC who is pretty excited about the clone option in Solaris 10 11/06 (U3), however they're running into problems in the execution of the clone option for zoneadm. Here are the step-by-step procedures they are following

For example they have a zone called bluto-zone1 installed already and they want to clone it. The bluto-zone1 currently has a loopback mounted filesystem called localcw, as shown below in the generated master config file


1). zonecfg -z bluto-zone1 export -f /var/tmp/master  ( Completes OK)

2). vi /var/tmp/master
[EMAIL PROTECTED] # vi master
"master" 24 lines, 368 characters
    1  create -b
    2  set zonepath=/zones/roots/bluto-zone2
    3  set autoboot=true
    4  add inherit-pkg-dir
    5  set dir=/lib
    6  end
    7  add inherit-pkg-dir
    8  set dir=/platform
    9  end
   10  add inherit-pkg-dir
   11  set dir=/sbin
   12  end
   13  add inherit-pkg-dir
   14  set dir=/usr
   15  end
   16  add fs
   17  set dir=/usr/localcw
   18  set special=/zones/roots/bluto-zone2/localcw
   19  set type=lofs
   20  end
   21  add net
   22  set address=
   23  set physical=hme0

We changed the ZONEPATH to reflect the new zonename and the IP as shown above in the file. Then saved the file.

3).  zonecfg -z bluto-zone2 -f /var/tmp/master  ( This completed OK)

4). zoneadm -z bluto-zone2 clone bluto-clone1  (This fails as shown below)

Here is the ERROR they get: could not verify fs /usr/localcw: could not access /zones/roots/bluto-zone2/localcw: No such file or directory
zoneadm: zone bluto-zone2 failed to verify

Now, I understand adding this step (mkdir -p /zones/roots/bluto-zone2/localcw), before running the zoneadm -z bluto-zone2 clone bluto-clone1) will allow the clone to work, but it kind of defeats the purpose of the word CLONE. Clone to me for example means whatever I have in this zone clone it, and I should have a identical new zone with the same stuff just a new hostname and IP. I shouldn't have to make the directory first in the ZONEPATH for it to work. I would think the /zoneadm/ with the /clone/ option should be smart enough to see that the directory /zones/roots/bluto-zone2/localcw doesn't existed and create it since I'm telling it to create the zone with theses identical attributes from the bluto-zone1.

If a customer has 50 lofs filesystems in the origainal zone, do we mean they would need to run the mkdir command 50 times. That's just silly.

Am I missing something!! Or is this the way it's supposed to work for now and it will be future releases

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