Let me see if I understand the situation:

Jill Manfield wrote:
Platform E25K
Solaris 10 11/06

The issue the customer is having is after adding a dataset to a non-global zone they need to create local fs called /global and /clocal. This way they ensure a lun belongs to a zone for portability and migration issues.

I am confused by this. How can a logical unit number belong to a zone? Do you mean "they want the file system to be included with the zone when it is migrated with zoneadm detach/attach?"

They also want to create a global zone pool for shared binaries

...shared between the global zone and a non-global zone, or between
multiple non-global zones, or both?

and content called zshare that we will mount to individual zones as need.

Shared between zones, or not shared, but with the same name for each zone?

Is zshare a ZFS file system, a ZFS dataset, or something else?

As they said unfortunately their standards dictate that they get mounted within the local directory hierarch /clocal or /global.

What led to that standardization?

This is where  the problem is.  The lofs shared dir

Which one is that?  There isn't enough information to know.

tries to mount before the local zfs  filesystems and fails.

Can a symbolic link be used instead?  This would simplify things greatly.

It is a mount time issue where zoneadmd isn't aware of fs-local or vice-versa. They'd like to open an RFE to get this functionality included. I would like to know if it is designed to do this and or do we have further recommendations on a better way to do this?

Here is what they are trying to do:
for example  syntax may be snipped but you get the point

The full syntax being used would enable us to determine if there is a syntax problem or misunderstanding.

zpool create <zonename> <lun#>

add fs
set dir=/clocal/site/vendor/MOZILLA      ------------> we'd like this dir 
mounted within the dataset directory structure below at boot.
set special=/zshare/csv/MOZILLA
set options=[ro,nodevices]
add dataset
set name=<zonename>

zfs create <zonename>/z01
zfs set mountpoint=/clocal/site/vendor/MOZILLA <zonename>/z01      ------>>> 
the above can be done after this,      but the share dir will not mount within the /clocal 
directory structure at boot
zfs set quota=2gig
We have a work around where we mount the /zshare/csv/MOZILLA under root at boot 
of a non-global zone.  set filesystem to legacy within ZFS and mount lofs to 
the correct place with /etc/vfstab.

Is this expected behavior?  I did refer the customer to:

79574  Title: Storage properties in Solaris[TM] 10 zones
I also referred him too: Bugid: 6347497 'add fs' of a ZFS filesystem doesn't work for a local zone

The fix for that was putback into Solaris Nevada over a year ago.

See RFE 5044015 Zone can't boot with imported SVM device

Also fixed over a year ago.

and  Bug ID: 6250256
Synopsis: Mount fails, zone services not started if additional
devices mounted

Are they using SVM? You didn't mention that. And this bug was fixed over a year ago.

But I can't find concrete data if this is expected and or if I should create an 

Any guidance and or assistance would be appreciated.


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