The zone halt, reboot, init 0 etc did not work from the global zone, we did capture a live core from the system and saw that the biowait was happening for 1 day. My questions is the following. We saw that in an event when a process within a zone hangs on a biowait, or anythings as such, ie writing to disk, etc, the zone or any process in the zone hangs, we were not able to bring the zone down, halt it etc and thus we had to reboot the global zone to fix the issue. My question is what can be done to prevent this, is it to unmount the disk assigned to the local zone? etc, All suggestions are welcomed.


Morillo, Carlos [NCSUS Non-J&J] wrote:

Since you only have one single kernel image the thread the zone created
is stuck doing a read()/write() in biowait() waiting for the I/O to complete. Sometime in the future the underlying device handling that I/O should respond
and trigger an interrupt calling biodone().
I would look in /var/adm/messages and have a crashdump of the kernel if it
was collected.
Keep in mind there is one single kernel image. HTH,
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    This will re-boot the zone from the global zone,
        zoneadm -z hostnamezoneX boot


    Victor Restrepo wrote On 04/11/07 07:40 AM,:

Hello All,

I had a case where a hung process in a local zone (ie blocked on biowait), caused the local zone to become unresponsive. Couldn't shut the zone down, kill the process, etc. The only way to have zone become responsive was to reboot the global zone. Is there any thing that can be done to prevent this. ie (not having to reboot the global zone and only reboot the local zone)



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