Jay Morgan wrote:
> We're working on automated build processes for provisioning, booting
> and  working with zones via scripts, and we're running into an issue
> that hopefully can be easily resolved.  Once a zone is installed, and
> the first boot is initiated, it has to initiate some of the services
> for SMF.  When you're on the zone console, you see them count up until
> finished.  Using an automated process from the Global zone, how would
> one know when this process is finished?
> We attempted to use a
> "zlogin svcs -l svc:/milestone/multi-user-server:default" command to
> see if the multi-user milestone was completed, but it shows that all
> is online and up, so that isn't a good test.  Any recommendations on a
> check to see if this has completed from the Global Zone?
"zlogin ${zonename} svcs  -Ho state svc:/milestone/sysconfig:default"
does the trick for me.


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