Thanks, we'll try the args like you mentioned.


Christian Candia wrote:
Jay Morgan wrote:
We're working on automated build processes for provisioning, booting
and  working with zones via scripts, and we're running into an issue
that hopefully can be easily resolved.  Once a zone is installed, and
the first boot is initiated, it has to initiate some of the services
for SMF.  When you're on the zone console, you see them count up until
finished.  Using an automated process from the Global zone, how would
one know when this process is finished?

We attempted to use a
"zlogin svcs -l svc:/milestone/multi-user-server:default" command to
see if the multi-user milestone was completed, but it shows that all
is online and up, so that isn't a good test.  Any recommendations on a
check to see if this has completed from the Global Zone?
"zlogin ${zonename} svcs  -Ho state svc:/milestone/sysconfig:default"
does the trick for me.



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