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What would be the best way/easiest way to limit an amount of a  8core CPU  to a 
specific zone.

Can I do it in such a way to limit 2 of 8 cores, or does it have to be in a 
percentage bases.

Im assuming it would be done with zonecfg, any help is appreciated.

Project Duckhorn (Solaris Express >= b55) makes this pretty easy -
zonecfg has been extended to support new keywords, so you just have
to :

zonecfg -z somezone
add dedicated cpu
 set ncpus=2-8

and reboot the zone.
From the zonecfg manpage:

    dedicated-cpu: ncpus, importance

        The number of CPUs that  should  be  assigned  for  this
        zone's  exclusive  use.  The zone will create a pool and
        processor  set  when  it  boots.  See  pooladm(1M)   and
        poolcfg(1M)  for more information on resource pools. The
        ncpu property can specify a single value or a range (for
        example,  1-4)  of  processors.  The must be enough free
        processors to allocate to this zone when it boots or the
        zone will not boot. The processors assigned to this zone
        will not be available for the use of the global zone  or
        other zones. This resource is incompatible with the pool
        property. Only a single instance of this resource can be
        added to the zone.

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