Now (Solaris 10 up through 11/06) you can configure the Resource Capping Daemon (rcapd) in the zone. See page 19 of my Containers Architecture BluePrint: for a complete explanation.

In the current build of OpenSolaris, and the next release of Solaris 10 (the one with the Duckhorn enhancements) it is much easier, and the zone cannot change its own cap. For an existing zone, the zonecfg(1M) syntax looks like this:

global# zonecfg -z myzone
add capped-memory
  set physical=4g

You can also modify the cap while the zone is running, with rcapadm:

global# rcapadm -z myzone -m 5g

DJR wrote:
thank you for all the good information,

I appreciate it, I now have just do it since I now have the knowledge given by 

one last thing.

assigning phyiscal memory, we have 16gb of memory on our server, I want to 
assign 4gb to our zone and leave 12gb for the global zone.

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